Our Coffee Story


Greg Heinz, born and bred on Long Island, NY has always had a very high standard for local foods, farms and community. After graduating college, he worked locally as carpenter for 12 years. At the age of 29 Greg tasted his first cup of fresh roasted coffee. It was then that his life changed. Greg instantly knew that he wanted to be a bespoke coffee roaster. After working long hard hours, after work he offered his time to help a local roaster so that he could learn everything he could about the craft of making the best coffee. Soon after, Greg purchased his first roaster and began a long journey to refining his art of roasting the perfect beans.  


Analisse Taft-Gersten believes that a fulfilled life is one best lived surrounded by quality. Her companies, ALT for Living and ALT a little taste, are cultivated after this very vision.

Traveling the world and experiencing far reaching cultures and colorful lifestyles, Analisse learned that beauty and taste is found in the spirit and traditions in which a product is made. With a heightened appreciation for aesthetic, she returned to her native Los Angeles, CA home and immersed herself in the design industry. Feeling the need for a greater challenge, she relocated to New York City. In 2008, after a decade of gaining high-end retail and wholesale experience and a thorough understanding of the luxury brand market, Taft took a bold leap and launched ALT for Living while businesses were closing their doors. 6 Years later Analisse decided to expand the ALT lifestyle brand by moving her private showroom to a store front. It was her goal to not only offer her clientele the best in design but to entice them with the best “taste” as well; Hence A little taste was born.