ALT Roasting Co. was founded in 2014 by Greg Heinz and Analisse Taft-Gersten. It was developed for A Little Taste café’s wholesale program and to offer our customers our own blends to purchase. Roasting weekly in Brooklyn allows us to express a true micro roasters concept focusing on quality and freshness.

With the same fundamental principles that we apply to the café, we offer an “ALTernative coffee experience” for the consumer that understands and craves the exceptional.


Our small artisanal style roasts captivate the very essence of each and every bean. From regions all over the world, our brews offer a unique finish that will savor any moment.
The Alt Blend: Guatemalan, Costa Rican and Columbian
Our Espresso blend: Brazilian, El Salvadorian, and Nicaraguan

THE 5 M’s:

In addition to the importance of making the coffee bar an overall unique experience. We believe in applying the 5 M’s Rules. These rules are universal in the coffee industry as a high standard guideline for running a proper espresso bar.

  • MISCELA (Espresso/ coffee Blend)
    Like picking the grapes of a vine at the right moment, we chose our blends to offer the most out of each and every coffee bean.
    Our grinder must be set correctly in terms of how fine the coffee is ground and how much ground coffee it delivers to the group handle per shot. 
  • MACCHINA ESPRESSO (Coffee Machine)
    We choose the finest espresso machine, made in Italy by la marzocco.
  • MANO DELL'OPERATORE (Skill of the Barrista)
    Our Baristas are trained in house, exemplifying our high standards of coffee preparation.
  • MANUTENZIONE (Maintenance)
    We keep all of our equipment in great working order.  Looking after it properly with a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule and regular servicing.